Join our guided Hiking Tour to Turtle Rock!

The Tiara Resort offers you a guided hiking tour through the most exciting part of Terelj Valley to the famous Turtle Rock and its nearby mysterious mountain monastery. All you need is a decent pair of legs and walking shoes (no special mountain wear required!). Everybody in a good health can make this splendid hike, which is about 7 kilometres (4,5 miles) in distance. From Turtle Rock our minibus will pick you up to bring you back to the Tiara Resort. You will be accompanied by a personal hiking guide as well as a yak cart.

Shortly after the start from Tiara Resort you will stop by a nomad family. You will be invited to enter the family's ger tent to drink some typical Mongolian milk tea and eat some traditional Mongolian prepared snacks. When the male head of the family is in a good mood (he mostly is, as he can receive some foreign visitors!) he will offer you, as a grand respect for you, snuff tobacco in a special stone bottle. The leading lady of the family will offer you some special drinks like home-made yogurt and traditional "airag" (fermented horse milk). This is surprisingly delicious and good for your health! Your guide will translate all communication between you and the family. You can ask all kind of questions about their way of live and the family will be proud to answer. If you brought some gifts (like candy’s, postcards, etc.) from your home country, this is the place to present them. During the hike a picnic lunch will be served at a special spot with great views over Terelj' landscape. After you reached Turtle Rock the guide will ask you if you want to continue the hike to a very nicely located monastery about 2 kilometres further up the mountain. After one of the best hikes you have ever made, you will be driven back to the Tiara Resort by our minivan
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We work together with a well-known, highly experienced Dutch-Mongolian travel company: Gardi Tours. In cooperation with Gardi Tours we can offer tourism services to travellers from all over the world.

Gardi Tours offers various tours throughout Mongolia. From city trips in Ulaanbaatar to longer adventurous expedition tours throughout the whole country. They are highly experienced since they were one of the first Mongolian tour operators, therefore it is possible to book tailor-made tours with them. Together with their travel specialists you can create your own itinerary and enjoy your own custom-made holiday in Mongolia. Please check out their website and enjoy Mongolia!